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The deadline for Self Assessment is 31-01-2023! Please do not leave this until the last minute as the fines are HUGE for non compliance. If necessary, we can submit a provisional return if you do not have all the information to hand, so it is silly to ignore the 'compliance'. We have 12 months to correct any provisional returns.

We complete self assessments and company returns (CT600's) for many clients.

If you run a business as a sole trader or you are a Director of a Company (even if it your own Company) or have any additional income i.e. property rental / dividends etc, you will need to complete a self assessment (tax return).

For Companies, a CT600 is due to HMRC each year.

South shore accountants file many of these returns through their agent account without fuss and low fees = not worth doing yourself! FINES can be HUGE for errors or mistakes - the revenue will treat errors as 'DELIBERATE' in the first instance and for you to suggest otherwise. We often suggest that we can save you more money by knowing what we can legally claim for and cover our costs so why do this yourself? Save your headache and give us a ring! We will make you fully compliant.

HMRC are scrutinising tax returns against your digital tax account - we know HMRC compare bank interest received on their system for example against your declared amounts on your tax return (even for a few pounds) - the philosophy is that if you have not declared this.... what else have you not declared? and you will be fined and investigated if not declared and if you make errors on your return. We can directly import most of your information from your personal digital tax account so why not let South Shore Accountants take the headache out of this form completion and ensure it is completed properly and submitted correctly... call us for a quote on 01253 343542

07973 297958 or

simply pop in and see us for a chat and a brew. We believe in a friendly yet professional approach and jargon free in a language you will understand.

We also offer Tax Investigation Cover Insurance - for a cheap annual fee you get PEACE OF MIND.

Please call or email us and arrange a free initial consultation on your tax affairs.

01253 343 542

07973 297958

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