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Blackpool accountants - we can handle all of your accountancy requirements - please visit our homepage for more information.

Self Assessment is the one thing HMRC are so keen on.... The fact is if you are self assessed (self employed or in a partnership) ....or a Director of a Company or have any other income (i.e. rent a property) then you have to submit a return to HMRC. We can register you accordingly and submit returns as necessary using our agent gateway.

On our principal of PEACE OF MIND, it is essential you complete a self assessment return accordingly.

The fines are HUGE for non compliance and £2.3m people missed the filing date for 31/01/2022 although it was extended to 28/02/22 (There is a £100 for late filing on the 1st Feb and then £10 per day for 3 months from 1st May!).

We can tell you that HMRC have a new scheme called 'CONNECT' .... it links your bank transaction data including interest received and also land registry information (as well as PAYE etc.) as well as DVLA information and benefits claims including occupancy re council tax discounts. The simple truth is that HMRC want to know who you are, where you live and does your income reflect your lifestyle. And most importantly, HAVE YOU DECLARED ALL OF YOUR INCOME? They will correlate your income and ascertain if you can live to your means. i.e. declare you earn £20,000 and live in a property worth £400,000 with a mortgage of £250,000 and have a Ferrari and £100,000 in the bank. Hope you see where they are coming from. All people now have a digital tax account and all this information is now contained within this account. In fact, we connect to digital tax accounts when we complete self assessments and all employments and benefit information 'self populate'. We do not see however, what HMRC see and they will have AI technology to profile income versus living style. Quite simply, you need to declare what you earn and be able to prove you earn enough to suit your life style.

For what we charge, it is really not worth trying to do this yourself and within the accounting fraternity, we all believe you are less likely to be investigated if your return is submitted by an approved HMRC agent - and we are one!.. we also use HMRC most approved tax software Companies BTC.

Our Accounts are fully compliant with HMRC and we claim what we can to help you save Tax!,

We offer a full Accountancy service including Payroll and VAT etc.

Give us a call to discuss your situation and confidentiality is promised. In order to help we need your full 'story' whatever that may be. Honesty is the best way and we have heard many stories but as long as we know the truth, we can get you 'straight' with the 'taxman'. We can submit old returns so please don't worry too much - better to get things straight and have PEACE OF MIND and sleep at night. Many clients we have taken on simply 'buried their head in the sand' and now so happy they are straight and organised with our help. Please visit our homepage for more information


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