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Auto Enrolment is complicated for even the most experienced business professionals. South Shore Accountant's Payroll department is on hand to help you handle this process. You’ll find our services very professional. We take away the stress of Auto Enrolment and simply provide the service that is necessary. We generally use NEST (government backed scheme) but can link to other schemes as necessary.

**** most accountancy firms charge a set up fee of around £500.00 At south Shore Accountants our charges are as follows as we wish to be transparent from the start:

Set up £125.00 (most firms charge £500.00) Monthly compliance and processing dealing with staff e-mails (including opt in and out) / pension processing for £5.00 per month (most charge £40.00 per month).

First Month - all staff will be enrolled. The staff thereafter will receive e-mails regarding opt in opt out. Any payments made regarding opt out will be refunded.

We will set up a DD which you authorise.

The employer and employee contribution is currently 2% and 3% respectively and will rise again next year.

This is a very administrative business burden and we can take the 'pain' away with our processing.

Our payroll reports will show the pension obligations to both employee and employer and this is fully compliant with HMRC.

We use NEST pension scheme and adhere to their strict requirements. We have a 'delegate' log in as an agent with NEST and process all information through our portal via our payroll software.

We will provide the following monthly:

  • Checking staff eligibility
  • Enrol staff members as they become eligible
  • Monitor circumstances
  • Communicating with staff
  • Keep to staging dates
  • Provide the declaration of compliance and 3 yearly review. The declaration of compliance is done after month 1 and between month 5 of the pension scheme set up.
  • Set up DD for contributions

For further information, please contact us:

South Shore Accountants LTD

Mark Crampton

Mobile 07973 297958

Office 01253 343542

South Shore Accountants Ltd

Blackpool Enterprise Centre,

Lytham Road,

South Shore,



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